Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy day meals..

With this perfect fall weather, rain, wind, and all, I find myself wanting to stay in. Snuggle up with a blanket and a hot cup of tea.( With pear or peach honey of course..  But lets get real, the only time I get to snuggle up with a blanket is at bedtime! So I compromise. Parker my sweet boy goes down for his nap in the afternoon and that's when I break out my favorite tea and grab my magazines I've been neglecting.  Put my favorite old knit sweater on and head out the door. Just my porch, my chickens and me. Yes! Some quite time. Time to  read my favorite  mag's, sip some hot tea,  and look around at the beautiful blessings God has given me.  Then of course  my mind wonders to food. What to make???? After all its the simple pleasures in life isn't it? What makes me happy on a cool rainy day?? Yep, cooking. Soup? Chicken? Roasts? many wonderful options come to mind.Of course these days with a toddler running around things in my life have to be simple. But just because it has to be easy doesn't mean it won't be amazing! So as the rain starts and with the storm well on its way, I take note of the simple things...First lets start with  what I have...

Celery,shallots,leeks, white and red new potato's, chopped.

5 slices of bacon chopped and sauteed. Once browned remove from pot and add veggies,cook in bacon fat.

Salt and pepper:) Stir in a pinch of flour, saute for couple min's.

So this is where I use my leftovers, I roasted a chicken last night with onions,fennel,carrots and mashed potato's. I added this to my pot but if you don't have this then just add some shredded rotisserie chicken from the store. Works great in soups.

Okay in this economy why waste a drop? Unfinished white wine goes great in soup! Just a dab. Then add 3 cups chicken stock. Simmer 5-10 min's. Add 1 cup cream or whole milk, stir and keep on low till ready to eat. Don't forget to add the bacon back in the soup once ready to serve.

Not bad for a leftover soup!

This was so good and great to cozy up with a bowl on a stormy night. Serve with bread, salad or just by itself! This was a fun soup to make on a rainy day and its just another great reminder that sometimes the simple things in life are the best things.

Beauty taking some cover from the rain.

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