Friday, October 15, 2010

The Perfect Pear

Pears, pears and yes more pears! Forty lbs of perfect Comice pears. I wasn't sure if I was even going to attempt to can pears this year. All I really know about pears is that I love them with cheese, wine, and several appetizer type dishes. Otherwise, for me anyway, pears can be too grainy...But of course I started thinking of how great pears would taste in the dead of winter in a pear crumble, or enjoying fresh pears with cottage cheese for breakfast...hmm. I decided I would just go and take a look at the farmers market to see what they had and at what price. I had been reading about all types of pears that were in season and I knew Bartlet's were considered your canning pear. But I also knew Comice pears were so sweet and delicious. I figure its like wine, why cook with a wine you hate?? Well, why can with a pear I wasn't that in to? I went to the market and what'ya  know, out of Bartlett's....too bad. Comice??? Big beautiful crates of Comice :) $28  for 40 lbs. Deal! So here we go....
40lbs Comice Pears

Wash, wash

Peel,core and cut.

After making a sugar bath for the pears and letting them sit in a gentle boil take pears out of sugar bath and put in to sterile jars...aren't they gorgeous?? I love this website its so  informational and believe me you never waste any of the fruit.

20 min bath

Save your peels for pear honey


Pear sugar bath. Save to use in pear tini's and pear honey.
Sirly loves to crow from up high.

Loves this old farm house..

What are you thankful for?

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