Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Figs please, I'll take all you've got.

Monday morning rolls around fast,before you know it Mom, Parker and I our off to the local farmers market on a serious mission.... I'll take all the figs you've got! Please:) The nice lady looks at me and says I think that's it right there. I look to see only 4 pints,  I asked if she wouldn't mind checking the back for me, and as she did I couldn't help but to notice the beautiful yellow, red and green organic heirloom tomato's starring at me... almost calling to me. As I'm reaching for the last crate of heirlooms, the nice lady comes out with a flat of black figs!! Yes!! I mean thank you so much:)

One much potential.

I think for now it will have to be...

Brandied Fig jam.
 I saw this recipe on a blog and thought it looked amazing, I think its originally adopted from
Above is the site I got the recipe from it was so easy!

9 cups chopped figs

Put into dutch oven or a big sauce pot

Cover with 4 cups sugar,1 lemon zested, 3/4 cup good brandy

Let sit at room temp for one hour, stir occasionally

Bring to boil, then hard simmer for 40-45 mins
Fill sterile jar's leaving 1/4 in head space,  cap and seal.

Water bath 10 min
This is a great website for canning safely.
This will be great on freshly made scones or biscuits!!
This was my first time making jam and I have to say it was the simplest thing I have ever canned:)
I did another batch the following morning and out of one flat I got 8 half pints and 7 of the little jars for gifts. I am also thinking fig martini..How cute would that be instead of olives have one fig in the glass, some brandied jam on the bottom and chilled berry vodka with a dash of berry bubbly?? I think I'll have to test this idea.
My friend just called and told me her fig tree is almost ready for be continued.

Any ideas on a name for this cute gal?


  1. Amy,....your talkin my love language here with the food. Ohhh that jam on a crostini with a sharp cheese. Yum! And Fig Martini! We have to pull together a girls night Darnit!

  2. Yes!! For sure when you guys get back:) I am torn on what to bring to the pie pockets, pancetta stuffed rolls...and it keeps going, theres just to much wonderful food to make.

  3. Okay I hope one of those gift jars is for me:)Man the crostini idea sounds good or maybe the jam over the top of a brie?

  4. MMM...brie. That would be that would be amazing.

  5. I wish I had a friend with a fig tree;))).