Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pickled green heirlooms....

Have any green tomato's left on your plants?? Me too, I also had alot of green heirlooms that I didn't use for my  home made tomato sauce. Now the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of green tomato's is fried green tomato's of course!!Don't you remember that part in the movie where she brings her friend the fried green tomato's? I always wished I could have eaten at there little cafe.YUM I wish I had some right now and that was the initial goal. Unfortunately I just didn't have  time this week to make them. But I did have time to make Pickled green tomato's. I  am always searching the Internet and   books to find the next most fabulous canning project and  while pears are about to make there way into my kitchen I came across this fun little recipe from h://
and while I have never had a pickled green tomato I can't possibly see how this could be anything but great!

First cut and core your tomato's, then get your garlic out of the skins.

Prepare your brine and gather your seasoning's. Add to sterile jars bay leaf,garlic, dill seed and peppercorns.

Fill jars with tomato's and brine. ( 1/4 inch head space)

10 min water bath...pop!

Sirley and Bella chilling on the porch:)

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