Monday, September 6, 2010

Peach Honey

If you could only smell my house right now, honey and peaches fill the air, it makes me want to go and buy crates and crates of peaches so I can just make more of this sweet nectar. Its a process but so very worth every step. Tonight I got about 6 little jars full of this liquid gold....this might have to be apart of my private  stash or I must really love you to give you some:) I have to tell you this is unlike any honey you will ever taste, rich and silky fresh honey with hints of peach. AHHH peach honey, yummy, yummy, yummy!
Peach juice
  I used my peaches and bee honey from Olson farms here in Salem. Now I realised that it is best to do after you can your peaches that way your ready to go and you can make the most out of your peach!
I have some fun photos for you and I really hope you'll try this while peaches are still in season, and next to come will be apple sauce with of course apple butter, happy end of summer and happy fall to all:)
Oh and don't forget to save your peach left overs for delicious peach Bellini's,peach margaritas, and of course peach sangria or peach mojito's! The website I used for peach honey is at the top of the page:)
2 honey bees wondered in my house looking for the honey..

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  1. Oh how delicious this looks. I'm ready to settle in and cozy up with fall:)