Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heavenly Apple's

I think I just love to have any and everything to do with food, I grew up in a house where my parents loved to cook and have beautiful dinner party's, and in high school I became accustom to having birthday party's with fillet of beef  and  caviar.  I love food because I grew up with parents who taught me to appreciate your pallet. I told my mom the other day  that I just loved my new obsession with canning and  she told me that   it is a Blessing to your family and to God to work eager with your hands, (proverbs :31-13)  and that really   hit  home for me, I love to take care of my family and the house we have been blessed with. I love to cook and to serve, everything I make and cook I make with love, as corny as this sounds it couldn't be more true. So long story short, canning is a new passion and it would only make sense that it has to do with food, because I have such fond memories of family and friends and it all comes back to FOOD:)
So with out further a do, the best apple sauce you will ever taste in your life....
This recipe I got from the cutest little web site
I followed her recipe pretty much step by step although I  added to my sauce at the end 4 scoops sugar, a few dusting's of nutmeg and of course cinnamon to taste, it was allot of fun to make and I am planning on buying an attachment for my kitchen aid which will make it allot easier then the food mill was today!!
Now don't forget to save your skins and any leftovers for that apple tini that is sounding so good right about now, cheers!!


  1. My mom is coming over tomorrow night to help me can all my beans. I'm so excited to learn, and I'm sure do some appreciating of all the times my mom spent in the kitchen canning and making good home cooked food. Apple tini! We really need to get together for some good drinks:)

  2. I tasted this apple sauce Amy made and it taste like apple pie!! More please!

  3. Amy, it looks so good! I love your blog and you just seem so happy and full of love for your family. It's great to see!

  4. Thanks Breanne!! I am:) I can;t wait to look at your blog:)