Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home is where the heart is...

 It was the perfect day to try my hands at mustard pickle....

   Mustard pickle?? What? That's what I said when I was reading one of my favorite blogs, mustard pickle what in the world is that? Well as I kept reading the history behind this mustard pickle I just new I had to make it. This is a recipe from  Its a special tradition in her family. Its suppose to be amazing over roasts and ham etc, and if its as good as I think its going to be then I 'd like to make it a tradition in my family too. After all, the home is where the heart is and I want everyone who walks through my door to  feel welcome and  loved. So today I made my first memory of making mustard pickle... and I will say that I had the best time making this. Yes it was A LOT of chopping,  and thankfully I preped the night before, but it was such a pleasure to chop and cook and work in my kitchen. I loved looking outside and seeing my chickens scratching around, (such troopers in the pouring rain:) and to watch my son Parker play with his toys and chase Bella around the as I was cooking I was also saying little prayers all day, thanking God for this life and all who are in it.
3lbs of pearl onions, my hands hurt after peeling them.

Lots of chopping, lots.

A break in the rain
Wait 4 weeks to eat

I love seeing all those cans


I had more pics of the cooking process but my camera was giving me trouble.





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