Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweet cider apple butter

This morning we fed the sheep some apples

Wow I am so amazed at how delicious this tastes! I 'm telling you if you have only had store bought apple butter than you just have to make your own.YOU JUST HAVE TOO! Its like tasting food for the first time when you make it fresh and can it yourself.  I am pretty sure I will never buy applesauce, apple butter, pickles, peaches and who knows what else because once you taste the yummy freshness of what you have made you simply won't be able to go back. No, I'm afraid store bought just won't do. Honestly I didn't really even like applesauce that much, but since I have a growing boy to feed  I thought this year I am going to take full advantage of the 3 apples trees we have  out here.  I made apple sauce the other day and couldn't believe how amazing it was, I'd swear it was like eating apple pie in a can! This year those apple trees won't just be for  feeding  the deer!! Do you know another amazing thing about making your own fresh and fabulous home canned goods? Well for one your house is always smelling delicious, and two your making wonderful gifts to give for Christmas and the holidays. Yep I'm hooked, I fully admit I am a canning addict!! and proud of it. Cheers!
Time for mums..
PS, I thought I would start adding links of some of the tools I use for canning and other items I found helpful, take a look or just simply ignore- up to you:)

Sweet Cider Apple Butter

 6 lbs apple (about 24)
2 cups sweet cider
3 cups sugar
11/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

Wash apples, core, peel and quarter apples.
Combined apples and sweet cider in a large sauce pot. Simmer until apples are soft.
                                  Puree using a food processor or food mill, being careful not to liquefy.
                                  Measure 3 quarts apple pulp.
                                To make butter: Combine apple pulp, sugar and spices in a large sauce pot, stirring until
                                 sugar dissolves. Cook slowly until think enough to round up on a spoon( I put mine in 
                                a crock pot on low) Ladle hot butter into hot jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Remove
                                bubbles. Adjust 2 piece cap and process 10 Min's in a boiling water caner.
                                  Note- this needs to cook on low for along time so either start in the morning or put on
                                     low all night) and make sure the lid isn't super tight, the steam needs to escape so
                                    the sauce can thicken.

                                Ball Blue Book



  1. I am ordering one of those peelers! They make it look so easy..

  2. They are super simple. I will suggest however.. even though it adds a bit more work on the back end.. keeping the peels on, and putting the apple cores in a cheese cloth bag. The majority of the pectin is in the peels and in the core so it sets even better especially for apple butter.