Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peaches Baby

Peaches are sweet and luscious, they melt in your mouth and get all over your hands! Parker and I go to our favorite farmers market about once a week to get our fresh milk, fruits and veggies, and of course to see what is in season. On this particular trip as Parker is doing his usual pointing  at all the fruit saying BOOBERRYS! BOOBERRYS! I noticed the beautiful peaches, $10 a crate for #2's which mean there very ripe ready to eat and some bruising, Perfect for canning! 2 boxes later  I was ready to go, I got my recipe from
its a great site and step by step directions....this was allot more work than I realized, but sooo worth it, and as usual by the end of the day I thought to myself no more canning this week! Until I woke up the next morning thinking of peach honey!! Stay tuned:)
This is his 4th peach he kept grabbing peaches from the crate:)
After a full day of canning these beauty's, I knew I had to make a peach drink,  Here's what I did
Put a couple handfull's of  ice in your blender,
add some rum however much you like
then add 4 or 5 peaches and some of the simple syrup left over from canning or just use one of the jars you just canned, juice and all.
one banana.
Blend and sit some where cozy and enjoy! Cheers!!


  1. Ugh, I need motivation for canning. The peaches look amazing.

  2. Man I want one of those drinks. Is it bad that I'm saying that before 10a.m.