Friday, December 31, 2010

The FarmWives Cook...

A new year is upon us. A new year to stick to those good old resolutions, a new year to be more thankful,  a new year to follow your dreams??  I'm not sure what this year holds for me...but I know that I will be a trusting servant to the Lord and I will be grateful for every day I get to hold my baby boy and be with my family. I know that I will be cooking and canning LOTS:) I also have a few friends who I love and admire, these girls share in a passion of mine, and together well lets just say everything tastes and looks pretty darn good.  So here's to a new year!!!  And here's to The FarmWives....

The FarmWives is a fitting name for the 3 of us. We all have some farm girl in us, and we all have small little farms we love and have big dreams for.  One  of the main things we all have in common is our love for cooking and serving. So while I'm still the canning wife, I'm also a farm wife:)


Meet Angella, a wonderful cook and very talented writer,

Meet Meghan,  a fun loving  and a very "tell it like it is" kind of gal. Everything she makes is amazing so when you get an invite to dinner at her house its a good thing:)

Each of us is very unique and different in our own special way, but I have to say that's what makes us an amazing team. So while we know we love to cook and serve, we also know that every time we cook together it's a huge blessing to each of us and a chance to learn from one another. 

Did I mention we taste everything we serve?? Its a very important rule... most rules I detest but this one is a keeper:)

So while this new year holds many things I know one thing is for certain. I can guarantee lots of canned goods taking up space in my house that I don't have, lots of fun new recipes to try and test, and most of all, venturing out into the unknown...and no matter what, I am going to be smiling because everyday God gives me, whether good or bad, is another day and another chance to love, laugh, cry, and most of all learn.

Just a few more pretty food's the fresh eggs that give this potato dish it's amazing color.

This bread recipe is really to die for. It's so simple and we are still debating on giving away the secret...
I can say that you spread that amazing mixture all over fresh bread and broil till bubbly perfection.

These are Ange's creation and they are so delicious I am getting so hungry writing this!!
Check out her lovely blog for the recipe.

A tasty pasta dish we've served for two of our FarmWives dinners...

This salad is a family favorite, and now almost everyone we serve can't believe how good it is...yes it really is that good.

So Happy New Year's to all and here's to a new year of new and fun adventures!!! CHEERS!!!!  Check out this post for another introduction to the FarmWives:)


  1. So cute!! I love the way you write! So excited for what God has in store for all of us. Love you guys!!

  2. So special. I'm so excited for this adventure. What a blessing you both are to me and how God has placed you both so gently in my life. Cheers to a New Year!!!

  3. I just found your blog and am so excited to explore your canning recipes! Canning is a beloved hobby of mine and I will have my first garden this year. Happy New Year!