Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Dinner On The Farm...

This year I had the privilege of having all the holiday dinners at my farm. I normally have a very organised and planned out menu that I think about constantly until the day  has come and gone. Usually, I spend most of the time in the kitchen and by the end of the day I am spent. I miss out on visiting with the family too.. So this year I did things a bit differently and honestly I think it worked out quite well....

Of course I had to treat myself to a cute apron for all the cooking I have done this month.

I always set my table a couple days in advance so I can keep adding to it and just admire. This year my name cards were my canning gifts, each person got a different jar of cheer to take home.

This year  the gifts were the champagne jelly, cranberry butter and a cider pomegranate simple syrup which was awesome in my Christmas champagne.

This prime rib was simple and delicious, I got it from  Its Prime rib Au  Poivre.
I knew I would love it since I make steak Au Poivre for Jason and I on special occasions. This is just Dijon, garlic and crushed black pepper corns.

This is the only time of year I wish I had 2 ovens. With this beauty in the oven it was hard to get the other 3 items done at the right temp, but it all worked out. Maybe one day I will  have a canning kitchen in our garage we plan on building.


I made a  Cognac shallot sauce to go with the prime rib. I also made a twice baked potato casserole from Emeril which is amazing. Super rich:)

These are yorkshire puddings which were a cinch to make. Good too.

So in the end I mingled with my guests, sat down to a wonderful meal and really enjoyed the good company. The house was a complete mess about 5 seconds after my guests arrived and that was fine. Wrapping paper went flying and the kids were happy as could be. This day was a success and a blessing to remember. Once again I am incredibly thankful for the gifts that I get to have on a daily basis. Big and small I love them all.
I just couldn't resist a not so perfect(that's putting it nicely) but very real picture of my beautiful new pressure cooker!! I can't wait to start using her.
Today my family and I spent the entire day in our Jammy's and ate really good leftovers. I think for dinner red velvet cheese cake will just have to do. So from our little farm to yours, Merry Christmas and here's to safe and happy canning!! xoxo


  1. Aw what a blessed time. Miss you, and can't wait to start on our new adventure......whatever it may be:) come the new year:)

  2. Me too!! Super excited and keep thinkin about what to make....

  3. Christmas was much fun this year! The food was amazing!! Loved every moment!! I'm super excited for our adventure TOO:)

  4. LOL I think I have a pic like that from this Christmas too;). I opened a 12 quart all-clad stock pot and was BEAMING. Just for drama: I took it for a walk around my house;))). Me and my stock pot!