Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All I Want For Christmas...

This month has been non-stop for me and my family. A whirlwind of gatherings and functions which I have been so happy to have been a part of. Unfortunately it has left me with little to no time to get done all the things I have on my "to do list" before Christmas.  I haven't really even gotten any Christmas shopping done! Tonight in fact I actually went online to get a few things for my son. In doing so I actually found out what my husband was getting me...he had left his cart full at a certain store online and all I did was take a look wondering what he had gotten Parker. We were not doing gifts this year for each other so I thought it to be harmless.  Wouldn't you know my hubby was planning on surprising me with the best gift of all...for me anyway, a huge beautiful stainless steel PRESSURE COOKER!!!! I heart him so:) Of course there was also the big book of preserves ...I am so excited I can't wait to use it.
With that said and Christmas right around the corner I have decided that today I was completely 100% devoting my time to getting some Christmas canning done. With the exception, of course, to stop and  attend to my sweet little guys needs, A-K-A Chocolate milk,  Thomas books, and chasing mommy around the house saying "Get you!!! Mommy Get You!"

Homemade Gift #1  Cranberry Cider Jelly.

My kitchen is most happy when the stove top looks something like this..

I doubled this and got 12 half house, as usual when canning smelled so good!
This recipe from Ball Blue Book.,

This was easy breezy beautiful....Canning girl:)

Love these cute jars but would prefer little glass chickens on them...just saying.

I pulled these out after 10 mins, and before I could even place them on the towel...pop,pop,pop!! I counted all of them popped, like a beautiful choir instructed by their teacher. Pop the Harold angels singing pop pop pop pop pop pop pop.
Okay you get the picture.

Gift one  down and on to gift two tomorrow.

This is one of my twin silkies who is a very sweet but loud girl. I just had to take of pic of her soaking cute.

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  1. I'm so giggling right now. Oh how I can't wait to can all my veggies next summer. Pickle this and pickle that. Maybe I'll venture out and do some preserves and spreads like you have:)