Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lazy Sundays...

Every once in a while you just need  to take a day off from your usual everyday chores. So for today the never-ending house projects will just have to wait. The yard that only you and your husband can really appreciate will just have to stay un-mowed. Because every once in a while you just need a lazy Sunday. A day where your only objective, your only goal, is to just be..and do what ever you want.

Like taking a stroll and enjoying the view.

Or for Bella, chasing the sheep just for kicks

Or eating some really yummy grub..

Or it could be something really simple but really fun, like collecting eggs for mama.

I will admit it is one of my favorite things to do too:)
One of my other favorite things to do on a lazy Sunday is make something or bake something....

Today I felt like making a simple yet beautiful cherry pie.  For the crust recipe click here.

Today it had to be easy, store bought filling with a homemade crust.

I will say I sometimes just have to laugh at my efforts for the perfect pie crust! Either way it's gonna taste great and I'll get it eventually.

Go on.... I know you want to, and it's okay, Jason and I laughed pretty hard too.

I can't wait to dig in !! I think I 'll just have to have more of these lazy kinds of days, after all life's not suppose to always be work. Your suppose to have a little slice of heaven every once in a while:) and just maybe some vanilla ice cream to go with.