Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rain Drops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens...

These are a few of my favorite things....

Making Christmas gifts for family..

3 quarts chopped and peeled apples, 5 cups sugar, 1 cup maple syrup, 1 teaspoon cinnamon,
half teaspoon allspice, half tea spoon nutmeg, fourth teaspoon ground cloves. Mix together in large pot bring to a slow but rapid boil.

Enjoy the beautiful fragrance as this reduces on your stove top and maybe get some decorating done just in time for thanksgiving.

Almost done, I just need to buy the rosemary for the terra-cotta pots...I painted the rims gold and wrote the names of each guest, its a cute place setting and a wonderful gift for your guests to take home!

I always like to taste test a simple drink recipe before serving to my guests, Here is some  sparkling wine with a spoonful of my apple honey preserves

This looks about right, let it reduce to a jammy almost honey texture. Cap and seal in sterile jars, process in a water bath for 10mins. Careful as you ladle into jars, I burnt myself pretty bad as the jam is pipping hot!!

This is one out of 3 yummys that I am making for Christmas gifts this year. Apple-Maple Jam,  Ball Blue Book. I actually even put a spoonful into my tea today and it was delicious! There's so many ways to use this jam. Now if I could figure out how to make a candle smell this good...but that's another blog post coming soon:)

For some simple yet elegant decorating this year I am heading right out my back door for beautiful flower cuttings and leaf collecting.

Not bad for free...
These are just a few of my favorite things, cooking and decorating. But the most favorite thing of all is this little guy...and I am so very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. It all looks so great Amy. At the end of the day though, your right, our husband and children are most important.

  2. So I have been using this as a honey...I must have cooked it down it little to long..but man is this good. I think if you heat it up it would also be great on breakfast pancakes. YUM!