Friday, November 26, 2010

Farm style Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving Farm Style.....

What constitutes a farm?? You must  at least have  some chickens and a rooster, a 105 year old Farm house (or so),  sheep as your neighbors, and just maybe some cows across the way:)

You also must have deer that live in your fields year round. Munching to there hearts content at your apples you just never got around to picking, your flowers you rarely get to see bloom, and your garden you worked so hard for...still it just wouldn't be the same with out these beauty's.

And you just have to have some trees that your absolutely in love with, these are mine...
But what constitutes farm style???
An old hand me down table that I once hated but now love, since my husband so kindly refinished  it for me..

A beautiful fresh bird from another farm.. with all the right finishes.

And of course you have to have the love for the simple yet beautiful things in life.  You have to work eager with your hands and be thankful for everything you have. You have to love and cherish your friends and your family because with out them, all of this would be meaningless. This I'd say makes for a farm style Thanksgiving from a not so average farm girl. 

And don't forget your pies... Happy Thanksgiving from our little farm to yours.

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