Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cranberry Apple Honey Perserves..

WOW! The holidays are right around the corner and I couldn't be happier! I get so excited about having the big family dinner at my little farm house. I even stay up at night thinking of all the cool ways I could serve "this" or how I could decorate "that". For me, when I am blessed enough to be able to serve my friends and family, especially for a holiday meal, I want my house to feel like their own. From the moment they step inside I want them to feel welcome and cozy. But  most of all, excited about what's to come. Last night I was reading one of my food mags and they had the best idea's  for  your Thanksgiving table...You take little terra- cotta pots, the smallest ones you can find, paint the rim a shiny gold or whatever color you like. Then take a permanent marker and write the name of your guests. Inside the pot you will plant an herb of your choice like rosemary or thyme. Isn't that cute? I am  so doing that:)  Another idea I got from Pottery Barn was to put apple slices in your guests ice water instead of lemon. How adorable! And even though the Christmas tunes are already playing in our house I am in the kitchen  preparing for turkey day already.....Cranberry Apple Honey Preserves..

2 bags fresh cranberry's

Add 3 or 4 cored, peeled and chopped apples to the pot

Add 1 seeded and chopped orange or 3 little cuties, 3 cups of sugar and half a cup of pear honey( see my page for pear honey) or regular honey will do.

Stir all ingredients together and let simmer on low.

It'll start to look like this, stir occasionally until it looks something like this..

This looked just about right to me. Ladle into hot sterile pint jars, cap and seal.
15min water bath. This recipe from Ball Blue Book of course:)

This tasted so good I was practically ready to cook my turkey today! I will leave myself a jar to experiment with  this week.  How good would this be with toast, muffins, champagne cocktails, turkey sandwiches, glaze some chicken with  or even your turkey???the possibility's are endless.

9 beautiful pints and  now I'm thinking these little beauties would be perfect name holders for my thanksgiving table.
 So if you are new to canning, or even a little curious, I encourage you to try this recipe. Its quick, simple and most of all delicious! Don't forget to follow all safety guidelines for your home canning. Ball Blue Book is a great book and is considered the canners bible. I love it:) So this holiday have fun in your kitchens! And remember you can be a blessing to some one.Whether its family, friends, or someone you don't even know.

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. I just gave my moms water canner back because I thought there was nothing left for me to can until next summer. Helloooo cranberry apple preserves!!!

    P.S. The spicy green beans I canned in the summer are outstanding!! I can't stop eating them:) Thanks!!

  2. Ange, it really is yummy I had a can that didn't seal so I am even eating it right out of the jar! Its good. I am so happy about your beans! I am out of my first batch and now all I have left are my hot, hot ones which are very good but I have to pace my self as they are so spicy:) Next year I know the perfect about of pepper to add. Same with the pickles so I'm really excited to can them next summer and hopefully from my garden. Prices are going up 10% this year in the markets so I really am going to focus on growing everything myself and then canning:) I will let you know the next time I am going to can and we'll see if we can get together I have 2 water bath canners.

  3. This looks and sounds absolutely delicious. There are so many different fruits and vegetables that can be preserved, and this is why I love canning. I actually like to make my own canned salsa. I mean why buy from preserves and salsa and other products from the store when you can make them yourself. Please check out my site for more canning ideas.